How about the teams?

The curling team is composed of four players; the lead, second, third and skip. Each member has a specific duty and must be in sync with his fellow players.

Lead: Next to the skip, the lead is one of the most important members of the team. It is his first two shots (preferably in front of the rings) that set up the team’s strategy. Depending upon the lead’s stones, a team can either be on the offensive or defensive. The lead is also one of primary sweepers.

Second: The second follows up on the lead’s first two shots. He is primarily a take out specialist, clearing out opposing stones. The second is often paired up with the lead for sweeping.

Third: Also known as the “vice-skip”, the third is a trouble-shooter of sorts. His main duty is to set up the playing field giving his skip an easy shot. A third must be good at both take outs and draws. When the skip is throwing his stone, the third is in the house directing the shots.

Skip: The skip is the team captain directing the overall strategy and shot selection. Skips are known for their excellent shot making ability and powers of observation. Skips are constantly “reading the ice” looking for patterns and possible shot approaches.m-usa.jpg


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